Parenting and early development


The program Parenting and Early Development is intended for all those who want to understand the formative period of a person, in order to better comprehension and meet a self, a child and others, and is especially important for parents, because the insights and cognitions can be applied by ourselves, as also with a child, in order to prevent any problem and to promote a complete formation. Read more…

Personal development

Osobni razvoj

This four years program is intended for all those who are want to understand themselves and others and are ready to take their personal responsibility, their growth and start changing what needs to be changed. It demands the capability to take a look inside oneself and the courage to face our own inner world. Read more…

Training for Personal Development Therapist


A six year educational training program for those who want to get competences for an Personal Development Therapist with the use of Integrative body oriented psychotherapy.Read more