Parenthood and Early Development


The program Parenthood and Early Development gives us a thorough comprehension of the importance of the early period, that is, the first years of life, as well as the parenthood conditions necessary for the formation of a “well balanced” personality. Further, the program affirms very clearly positive results for an adult who experienced a quality supporting relationship with their caretakers, as also an inadequate relationship and hurting experiences with their negative consequences onto a person’s functioning later in life.

The power of the program lies in the fact that what we talk about, one starts to recognize as a personal story, “the intimate truth” that starts to form itself during lectures and experiential workshops, and with the force of a personal undisputable inner experience (especially during experiential workshops) works out in a way that finally we begin to look into ourselves, the roots of the sorrow, pain, loneliness, shame, perfectionism, competitiveness, insensitiveness, arrogance, lack of affection for others…, or a huge neediness of others. A period in life when all these knowledge becomes of indescribable value is when one becomes a parent, because than one gains the power to give to a child the most important thing, and that is a quality parenthood which shall determine a child’s own perception, level of emotional maturity, unconscious perception of its surroundings and the world in general, how it handles and functions in relationships, will it be a happy person or the one inclining to negativism and depression, inclining to sickness, or the one with stable health status…. And finally even to the point where it shall determine how long one lives.

Exactly this is why the subject of the early development is brought into the context of pre-school children parenting because that’s where the greatest results are achieved. A parent begins to comprehend and to change its own personal issues that would become an imminent source of harming a child and its whole life pattern. That way a child gets a parent who fully understands the results, and perceives the importance of the early development throughout its own experience, creating a necessary relationship that a child needs in all its formational stages.


However, the program Parenthood and Early Development is intended for all, not just the parents. All together, we start to consider the roots of our relationship with the parents, to understand our own behavior as well as of our partner’s and the way we function in our loving relations. We become aware of the fact how our overwhelming, or too strict, or even lacking emotional reactions have their roots and are an unwanted consequence of something that has happened before we gained our memory. We realize how our perfectionism, urge for control, or even, competitiveness, for which we get praised by our colleagues, they all have their roots, as also a huge price regarding our health, and the fact that maybe we weren’t supposed to become this way if only our parents acted differently toward us.

We start to question “Who is this Real Me? Do I know myself for real? What kind of person would I become if the things were different? What can we do now to get things better in life, to be better towards ourselves, our children and our partner?”

For a period of two months, the program offers video lectures, live streaming interactive lectures and experiential workshops (workshops only in Zagreb and Rijeka), opening a completely new world which is this time on the inside, not on the outside. On the other hand, program represents the introduction to a four years program of a Personal Development, the one where we go for a complete inner revelation and transformation of all those statuses within us we aren’t satisfied with.