Mass media

My work is based on one of the few scientific subjects that so intimately talk about each of us. Exactly the exposure of the issue in a person relating the self-improvement, in many people raises a strong resistance to even talk about such topics, because it touches deep and unconscious wounds, while others perceive these cognitions like a true relief and are reacting with that A-ha effect: “This is it!”

The mass media have a crucial significance in affirmation of these cognitions about a person, however it will take a decade for this new paradigm to become a part of common knowledge. We just need to remember how a simple phrase “The first three are the most important” is entering into the society for twenty years now together with all the social and financial potential of the UNICEF and the WHO, and regardless all that, a huge number of people still doesn’t have a clear picture about the subject.

The media appearances (given below) represent my humble effort towards a global spreading of these cognitions and hereby I express my gratitude to Mr. Krešimir Mišak (“Na rubu znanosti” – At the edge of a science), as well as to Mrs. Ana Tomašković (“Normalan život” – Normal life), being the hosts of the single existing shows by far where the other party can fully express itself, and for giving the media space to talk more on the subject of early and personal development.

Tomislav Kuljiš

Tomislav Kuljiš stars in show on Natural parenting

Tomislav Kuljiš stars in show on Early Trauma

Tomislav Kuljiš stars in a show on Personality Structure

Tomislav Kuljiš stars in a show on Brain’s neuroplasticity and the power of the Mind

TV show Normal life staring Tomislav Kuljiš